Month: November 2014

For the Write Reason

I LikeI started writing because I love to write. I started blogging because I wanted to share what I write. And I started using social media so I could share what I posted in my blogs. My desire was that something I went through or something I wrote about would help someone else—that someone, somewhere would be encouraged by my words or my struggles, my victories and failures.

Somewhere in the midst of it all, it’s tempting to lose sight of why I started writing to begin with. The world of blogging and social media can so easily be gauged by how many views or likes a post gets. Instead of writing for the love of writing, and sharing words for the love of people, we start writing for the love of approval. We feel validated by the views and likes, or discouraged by the lack thereof—and so write to fill our own fuel tank of emotional need. The end result is writer’s burnout.

When we write merely to validate our existence, or to gain approval from others, we lose our sense of purpose. A compass set to others’ opinions is bound to take us off course. The judgments of man are constantly changing. What’s trending one day is forgotten the next. I don’t want to write to be popular or well-liked. I want to write from the heart, words that will stand the test of time and eternity.

If I have only one reader who was encouraged, inspired or changed by my words, it’s worth more than a million viewers following a passing trend.

Lord, use my words to make a difference in this world—for now and for eternity. Find that one person who needs to hear what I have to say, and let them be blessed by my humble offering of words.

Pondering Life in the Produce Section

Eat healthy fruits and veggies bowl | Flickr - Photo Sharing! × 1103Search by imageHave you ever thought about life while shopping the produce section? It’s a pretty inspiring place, if you stop and look around. Color, beauty, flavor, order, variety—it’s all there, row upon row, for our enjoyment and sustenance. Processed food has nothing on fruit and veggies.

Just think of how unique each is in appearance and flavor. Like works of edible art. Beyond that, they’re filled with all we need to benefit our health in different ways. And they carry seeds to reproduce more of their kind.

The grocery store is filled with aisle after aisle of processed food and we never stop to question whether there was a maker behind it all. We wouldn’t doubt the little bowtie pastas, fish-shaped crackers, or cream-filled cookies are man-made. And we wouldn’t tell someone the boxed, canned, or packaged food we consume is the result of some random explosion.

Yet many walk through the produce section thinking it all came about by chance. Yeah, we know there were farmers, gardeners, and grocers involved. But really? Would we believe that all the amazing deliciousness that grows on trees or on plants or in fields, came about by accident?

Whenever I see such order and beauty I know there’s a maker behind it. Where there is uniqueness in color, shape, and size, there is creativity, and where there is creativity, there is a creator. The flavor, the goodness—all reveal the gentle care of our loving creator, who cares for our needs and desires. And every good and perfect gift has come from him.