Writing and Servanthood

Blog_TypewriterRibbonWhat do you picture when you hear the word servant? Probably not a person sitting at a computer keyboard. The more typical image associated with servanthood would be a person tending to the sick or helping in the food line at a soup kitchen. Or maybe you picture someone on their hands and knees, scrubbing a dirty floor or washing filthy feet. And such people truly are servants.

But did you ever think that you could serve through writing? I didn’t used to think so. After working all day at an inner city outreach, I’d come home hungry to write, yet feeling a tinge of guilt that I wasn’t doing something more worthy of a servant. Though I’d be up late into the night for days on end, wrestling for the right words, I was convinced that those doing the more evidently sacrificial works were the only real servants.

True servanthood is using your gifts, whatever they may be, to bless others. Yes, there are times we’ll be called out of our comfort zones to serve in less-than-ideal settings. Yet if your gift of words will challenge, encourage, or inspire others, it is a pure act of service.

I’m grateful for those nameless ancient scribes who translated scriptures that we might have wisdom for today. I’m grateful for those authors who speak encouragement from beyond the grave because they devoted themselves to pouring out their lives in ink. I’m grateful for those living servants who write words in season for our generation.

To be a servant is to invest your talents for the benefit of others. It’s to sacrifice your time and resources that others may reap from your labors. For those who write, your words may travel to places where even the greatest missionary could never go. And they may touch lives even the most devoted of servants could never reach.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. How very true. I am a new blogger, but last week I was blessed in hearing from two women how sharing my story had helped and encouraged them in the midst of their feeling lost. Can we imagine if God’s people had not been obedient and shared their stories of God through writing?

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    1. I can’t imagine that! My life has been shaped by writers who I may never meet this side of Heaven. Thank God for their obedience. And thank YOU for reading and taking time to comment. Welcome to the blogging world 🙂 Looking forward to hearing your voice.


  2. I praise God and thank you for obeying Him by writing this!
    The Lord has led me to be still for months, pressing into Him and His word on His astounding purposes for His Church in these end-times. A few weeks ago, the bulk of the learning phase ended, and He finally led me to start writing and releasing it as a series entitled “Our Exalted Position.” May I share the link to it with you here? God bless you.


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