Spring Awakening

Blog_FlowerMorningi buried hope long ago
as the final leaf made its descent
to an earthen grave below
i watched the world
become entombed
in a sepulcher of snow
and wondered
if i would survive
this winter of my soul


the bitterness of life
became my shroud
the barrenness enveloped
like a cloud
while winter’s wind
fought fierce and strong
and proud
relentless in the force
it was endowed

through endless months
of emptiness and tears
i wrestled with
the darkness of my fears
forgetting every promise
once held dear
doubtful that new life
was drawing near

but suddenly
with unexpected power
the warmth tore through
the coldness of the hour
and rain fell
like a cleansing,
welcome shower
the earth unfolding
like a fragrant flower

songs of a new season
calling forth
the forgotten,
frozen soil
now gives birth
spring presents
its treasures of great worth
a breath of life
awakening the earth


Photo Credit: File:Mustard Flower in Morning.JPG – Wikimedia Commons