After the Cross

Blog_SunriseHillWhen night sets in and hope is lost
Upon a hill there was a cross

When you must stand but feel too weak
Upon that cross – the nail-pierced feet

When you must let go of all you have
Upon the cross – the wounded hands

When you are mocked, rejected, scorned
Upon His head – the crown of thorns

When you question how your suffering came to be
Remember the voice that cried
“Father why
Have You forsaken Me?”

When you walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death
His final breath was for you

And when all you’ve ever wanted
Is buried beneath ashes of regret
Do not forget!

That after the cross
Came an empty tomb
After the cross
All things – made new!
After the cross –
A Resurrection
Suffering became perfection

After the cross
A Saviour lives
After the cross
This Savior gives
Beauty for ashes, joy for pain
Eternal hope in His name

Come to the cross
Heaven’s only Door
Believe — He lives!
Thirst no more