Stop and Consider


Have you ever considered the vast beauty that surrounds us, not only in flowers, but in trees and hills, mountains and valleys, rivers and seas, canyons and waterfalls? Have you ever appreciated the exquisite uniqueness of each animal that graces air, sea, and land? And does it ever confound you that each of these exist despite the surrounding death and decay? The evils of earth pale in comparison to the beauty which prevails.


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Looking Beyond

When we live with our eyes trained on suffering, our lives become laden with despair. We may become convinced we have nothing to live for. But when we train our eyes beyond, we see there is so much more.


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When the Curtain Falls

Blog_Masquerade01i see you from afar
know deeply who you are
my eyes can see much more
than human eyes can see

your heart speaks loud and clear
though you try to hide your tears
i can hear your silent cry
though you do not hear me

you’re weary from the act
burdened by the mask
and yet you strive to keep
the image you portray

you surround yourself with those
who will never truly know
how hard you fight to breathe
and to live another day

and yet
i see…
i know…
i ask

what are you wearing
when the final act
comes to an end?

what are you wearing
when the curtain falls
and the lights go dim?

what are you wearing
when you close the door,
at last alone?

what are you wearing
when the day is done
and you’re finally home?

do you shed the garments that made you shine?
or do you fake your smile one last time?
do you take a breath and hope it’s done,
dread the rising of the sun?

or does the costume wait for you
for wearing when the night is through
to play your starring role once more
still trapped behind your prison doors

what are you wearing?
you refuse to confide
i know who you are
though you try to hide

what are you wearing?
your audience waits
to find what’s behind
the veil on your face

what are you wearing?
when will you let go
of the garment that keeps you
from being…known

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Fading Away


“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God endures forever.” (Isaiah 40:8)


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Beyond our Fading Flesh

blog_fashionBeneath our fashionable clothes and beyond our fading flesh, a mere skeleton holds us together. And when we’re gone, that skeleton is all that will be left of our bodies. So why do we invest so much time in things that will only fade away?


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True Love Sees


God sees into our hearts—our deepest places of darkness, and loves us still—bidding us to discard our masks and come as we are. Empty. Broken. Yet free. True love SEES.


Source: Stars Without Makeup

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Stars Without Makeup

Blog_MakeupPaletteThere’s something more captivating about one picture of a star without makeup than all the paparazzi’s red carpet photos combined. What is it that makes the headline “Stars Without Makeup” such a common theme in modern media? It’s the opportunity to see beyond the air-brushed mask of idyllic glamour into the reality of what these stars really are…human.

Sometimes while standing in the checkout line, I catch a glimpse of a de-glammed star photo and something tugs at my heart. Compassion, maybe. I feel for that person behind the mask who lives in a prison of luxury, shackled to the trappings of fame—a slave of the ever-watching world..

If you look closely enough, beyond the smiles on even a glammed-up photo, you’ll see the sadness. The emptiness. The loneliness and disappointment. The toll that stardom has taken on a mere mortal. It’s something reminiscent of the story of King Midas, who in his lust for gold lost all that really mattered to him.

This looking beyond masks applies to us regular folk, too. We all wear masks sometimes. But the trained eye of true love can see beyond.

There was a woman on the run, in the desert, fighting for her life and that of her son. God met her in the desert with a display of tender compassion that nourished her soul and brought her back to life. There, in her deepest place of desperation, she bestowed this name upon her rescuer: “The God who sees.”

He sees into our hearts—our deepest places of darkness, and loves us still—bidding us to discard our masks and come as we are. Empty. Broken. Yet free. True love SEES.

“She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” (Genesis 16:13)

Source: Stars Without Makeup

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