Not a Tear

Not a tear goes uncollected, not a prayer goes unheard, no matter how long I wait in the in-between, or no matter that the answer may be no or not now. My Father always hears and ever answers, even when it’s not the answer I desire or expect, I know I’m not forgotten.


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My Prayer


My prayer is that I’ll live a life of gratitude, for the big things and the little things. For the annoying things. And even for the painful ones.


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The Season for Patience


In these dark days, we’re not only going to need faith to stand firm until the end. We’re going to need the key ingredient of patience. And patience will only come through an intimate knowledge of God. When we know Him intimately, we will be sure of His faithfulness. And He who is faithful is able to keep us.


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When It’s Hard to Give Thanks


When we’re going through fiery trials, it can be a challenge to maintain a heart of gratitude. Giving thanks in difficult times may be the hardest thing we’re asked to do, and yet it is the very thing that will help lift the burden of a heavy heart.


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Greater Outcomes

There are greater outcomes when we endure the furnace of affliction with grace, allowing God to birth in us a deeper compassion through the fire.


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The Battles we Fight

We’re each granted our own share of battles that when we emerge victorious we might also battle on behalf of others.


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A Deeper Love

Those of us who bear scars love on deeper levels than those who have not endured the fires of affliction.


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