Returning from War

blog_lonelysoldieri’ve waited long for your return
and yet things aren’t
as they once were
i search your eyes, only to find
you’re now a stranger
in my life…

who are you?
i don’t even recognize you…

shadows of an endless war
devour the joy
that once was yours
and veils of darkness
now consume
the light that once surrounded you

you are lost to me

what visions of battle terrorize
what relentless nightmares
haunt your life?
what ghosts of battle
forged their scars
ravaging what once was ours?

please…answer me

i walk into
your life’s abyss
and question how it came to this
for though i search
i cannot find
a whisper of what once was mine…
a fire has burned away the years
trading happiness
for tears

i must let go

i surrender
to the hands of time
relinquishing what once was mine
resolved to love you as you are—
fighting through the tears and wars
to help you find
what once was yours


poetry by j.e. fernandez

Photo Credit: lonelysoldier – DeviantArt