It’s easy to get sucked in to the monotonous routine of everyday life, forgetting how fleeting it all is. It’s tempting to invest time and resources on the needs and desires of my flesh, neglecting to consider it’s just a temporary house. How many hours have I spent worrying about how I look or how others perceive my external appearance, when this flesh is destined for the grave? There are far more important ways to invest my limited time.


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Take time, now. Before it’s too late, consider. Your life has a purpose far greater than your wildest imagination. You’re here for a reason. And it’s not to be a slave to mindless, meaningless routine.


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Things that Matter



I don’t want to leave this world unnoticed. I don’t want to leave the world unaffected by my being here. But I know it’s not always the big things that matter. More often, it’s the little things that add up to the dash between the years.


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However Short



However short or long my life may be, I want to do something meaningful. I want to live fully, to love deeply. I want to give my life for something that matters. Something that will outlast me. I can’t be satisfied to go through the motions one more day.


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Little Things


The little things I do for others are more permanent than my written words will ever be. Action by action, day by day I’m investing in the lives of those I love and enabling them to one day be all they were created to be.


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Things that Last


There’s something inside me that longs for permanence in what I do. I want the things I invest my time and resources in to last—and not just for a day or two, or even a year. I want them to last beyond me.


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A Worthy Legacy

Blog_CompassAndMapI would think the reality of life’s brevity would move us to nobler endeavors. As for me, it moves me to seek my purpose for being here. It makes me want to leave a worthy legacy, even if unrecognized by the masses.


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