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Everything in its Season

Blog_PathwayI’ve never asked the sun to shine, but still it does
I’ve never asked for rainy skies, yet still they come

I’ve never asked the wind to blow
I’ve never asked for winter snow
I’ve never asked for evening stars but still, they are

I’ve never asked for spring’s relief, yet seasons turn
I’ve never asked for summer heat, and still it burns

I’ve never asked for falling leaves
I’ve never asked for forest trees
I’ve never asked for flowers to grow, but Lord—You know

Everything comes in its season
Governed by power unseen
Change comes to our lives for a reason
Revealed only in eternity

Our lives are an intricate tapestry
Woven with perfect design
Every joy, every pain writes our destiny
Born with love from the dawn of time

You know every need, and You meet it
Before we can whisper a prayer
You’re working although we can’t see it
Your purpose will one day be clear

(Originally posted by Jen on the Tears of Joy Blog)

After the Cross

Blog_SunriseHillWhen night sets in and hope is lost
Upon a hill there was a cross

When you must stand but feel too weak
Upon that cross – the nail-pierced feet

When you must let go of all you have
Upon the cross – the wounded hands

When you are mocked, rejected, scorned
Upon His head – the crown of thorns

When you question how your suffering came to be
Remember the voice that cried
“Father why
Have You forsaken Me?”

When you walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death
His final breath was for you

And when all you’ve ever wanted
Is buried beneath ashes of regret
Do not forget!

That after the cross
Came an empty tomb
After the cross
All things – made new!
After the cross –
A Resurrection
Suffering became perfection

After the cross
A Saviour lives
After the cross
This Savior gives
Beauty for ashes, joy for pain
Eternal hope in His name

Come to the cross
Heaven’s only Door
Believe — He lives!
Thirst no more

Spring Awakening

Blog_FlowerMorningi buried hope long ago
as the final leaf made its descent
to an earthen grave below
i watched the world
become entombed
in a sepulcher of snow
and wondered
if i would survive
this winter of my soul


the bitterness of life
became my shroud
the barrenness enveloped
like a cloud
while winter’s wind
fought fierce and strong
and proud
relentless in the force
it was endowed

through endless months
of emptiness and tears
i wrestled with
the darkness of my fears
forgetting every promise
once held dear
doubtful that new life
was drawing near

but suddenly
with unexpected power
the warmth tore through
the coldness of the hour
and rain fell
like a cleansing,
welcome shower
the earth unfolding
like a fragrant flower

songs of a new season
calling forth
the forgotten,
frozen soil
now gives birth
spring presents
its treasures of great worth
a breath of life
awakening the earth


Photo Credit: File:Mustard Flower in Morning.JPG – Wikimedia Commons

Where are You, God?

Blog_SnowyWinterNightwhere are you, God
in the midst of the darkness?
we’re crying to you
in this desolate land

war rages around us
we’re searching for answers
to things
we can never understand

where are you, God
do you see our tears falling?
do you hear our prayers
and feel our pain?

the world is in anguish
our children are dying
the clouds of refreshing
withhold their rain

where are you God?
we’re hurting and hopeless
wounded and broken
and in distress

our own neighbors killing
destroying, devouring
can You bring forth beauty
from our hateful mess?

God, you came down
from light into darkness
born in the shadows
of earth’s darkest night

the forces of evil
releasing their fury
swords bent on destruction
consuming all life

you spoke to the madness
with love and compassion
to ears fallen deaf
in a world filled with strife

brought healing, redemption
though you were rejected
crushed by our hate
while releasing your light

and now you are here
in the midst of our suffering
calling to us
“don’t settle for this”

we’re made for much more
than what we’ve accepted
and this world is not
all that there is

so though earth give way
and mountains shall crumble
and all that we’ve trusted
one day will fail

the curtain’s been torn
between light and darkness
and in the end, light
will always prevail

(originally posted on the Nightlight Blog)

‘Twas the Day of Thanksgiving

Blog_BlackFriday‘twas the day of Thanksgiving
and all though the towns
a heart that was grateful
could not be found

the tables were filled
and the people were stuffed
but still they complained
that it wasn’t enough

surrounded by more
than they ever could need
they prepared for Black Friday
to placate their greed

on a day meant for family and memories
they had visions of shopping malls
inside their heads

though it used to be peaceful
they now were consumed
with buying new things
for which there was no room

when they could have been talking
and laughing with friends
they scoured the papers
for sales without end

instead of enjoying
the warm firelight
they froze as they camped
in the stores’ lots all night

and once the doors opened
they pushed and they shoved
and trampled each other
hearts empty of love

they spent and they fought
from midnight ‘til day
for things that in time
they’d just throw away

all blessings forgotten—
thanksgiving erased
now that Black Friday
has taken its place

(originally posted on the Nightlight Blog)

When the Curtain Falls

Blog_Masquerade01i see you from afar
know deeply who you are
my eyes can see much more
than human eyes can see

your heart speaks loud and clear
though you try to hide your tears
i can hear your silent cry
though you do not hear me

you’re weary from the act
burdened by the mask
and yet you strive to keep
the image you portray

you surround yourself with those
who will never truly know
how hard you fight to breathe
and to live another day

and yet
i see…
i know…
i ask

what are you wearing
when the final act
comes to an end?

what are you wearing
when the curtain falls
and the lights go dim?

what are you wearing
when you close the door,
at last alone?

what are you wearing
when the day is done
and you’re finally home?

do you shed the garments that made you shine?
or do you fake your smile one last time?
do you take a breath and hope it’s done,
dread the rising of the sun?

or does the costume wait for you
for wearing when the night is through
to play your starring role once more
still trapped behind your prison doors

what are you wearing?
you refuse to confide
i know who you are
though you try to hide

what are you wearing?
your audience waits
to find what’s behind
the veil on your face

what are you wearing?
when will you let go
of the garment that keeps you
from being…known

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Originally posted by j.e. fernandez on FaithWriters, Helium Network, & the Nightlight Blog

Photo Credit: Masquerade mask from Roger’s Gardens | Explored November 10,… | Flickr

Haunted No More


i enter through the iron gates
holding in my hands
the remnants of my former life

slowly descending
into the valley of shadows
until surrounded by an endless sea of death

my way is haunted
by a never-ending maze of gravestones
but only one bears my name

taking the shovel in my weary hands
i dig deep
burying all that must be left behind

surrendering my past
once and for all,
i bid farewell to the old me

and i do not shed a tear

this will be
my final goodbye
a funeral for myself

i leave my grave clothes behind
and put on
the garments of life

i am a new creation

dead to what used to be,
finally letting go…

alive at last

poetry by j.e. fernandez

photo credit: The Ghoul-Gate | One grave in every graveyard | Flickr