Current Events

Small World?

Blog_Ignoranceit was a world of hatred, a world of strife
where hearts grew bitter and numb to life
but ignoring the pain
the people still sang

it’s a small world, after all

multitudes lived out their lives of ease
while others were lacking their basic needs
though the poor cried in vain
all heard the refrain

it’s a small world, after all

wealthy men’s dumpsters were filled to full
while the hungry were starving outside their doors
the rich entertained
while they sang and they sang

it’s a small world, after all

humans were bound in captivity
greedy appetites funded their slavery
hungry for more,
oppressing the poor

it’s a small, small world

nations went bankrupt, destroyed by greed
though warnings poured forth, they failed to take heed
corrupted, they spent
until drowned in their debt

it’s a small world, after all

children with guns killed potential friends
reports of destruction were without end
the suffering went on
yet still, came the song

it’s a small world…after all

cultures destroyed due to race and skin
terrorists blinded by mortal sin
innocence failed
while hatred prevailed

it’s a small world, after all?

battles were fought, countless lives were lost
still, they neglected to count the cost
fighting wars uncontained
until no one remained

it’s a small, small world


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Life as Usual


When will we stop going on, life as usual, when we all know…it’s NOT?

Source: Half-mast

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Breaking the Silence

Design_BreakingtheSilenceI’ve never considered myself a violent person. Keeping the peace is among my greatest ambitions, and conflict something I endeavor to avoid as much as possible. Even if it means to remain silent.

But what if there’s violence in silence? Not the violence of weapons, but of withholding the good that would otherwise have made a difference. Of failing to use my voice to pray fervently and speak passionately, calling forth life and overcoming evil with good.

Sitting in the quiet comfort of home I think of current events and the exponential number of “pray for…” posts cropping up in the aftermath. And I have to ask myself…have I really prayed, or is it mere sentiment?

What if I truly made a habit of crying out for the peace of other countries? Of my own? Would I see so many “pray for…” posts after the fact if I prayed before the fact?

And what about words and actions? Scripture makes it clear that authentic faith is expressed not only in word, but also in deed. We’re to speak and act on behalf of justice, truth, mercy, and love. What if my prayerlessness, my silence, my inactivity has contributed to the violence of this age by failing to prevent it?

I came across this Proverb today: “One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys.” Ouch. That is one kind of “brother” I don’t want to be! Yet here I remain, married to my comfort zone in its false pretense of peace.

God help me to no longer be slack in my work. Free me from the violence of silence. Use me to pray forth peace, to speak life and truth, and to act with love and purpose in every opportunity you bring, for time is short.



In light of current events, we need to consider what side we’re on…the side of love, or the side of hate. Either way, we’re leaving a legacy. What kind of legacy do you want to leave?