Small World?

Blog_Ignoranceit was a world of hatred, a world of strife
where hearts grew bitter and numb to life
but ignoring the pain
the people still sang

it’s a small world, after all

multitudes lived out their lives of ease
while others were lacking their basic needs
though the poor cried in vain
all heard the refrain

it’s a small world, after all

wealthy men’s dumpsters were filled to full
while the hungry were starving outside their doors
the rich entertained
while they sang and they sang

it’s a small world, after all

humans were bound in captivity
greedy appetites funded their slavery
hungry for more,
oppressing the poor

it’s a small, small world

nations went bankrupt, destroyed by greed
though warnings poured forth, they failed to take heed
corrupted, they spent
until drowned in their debt

it’s a small world, after all

children with guns killed potential friends
reports of destruction were without end
the suffering went on
yet still, came the song

it’s a small world…after all

cultures destroyed due to race and skin
terrorists blinded by mortal sin
innocence failed
while hatred prevailed

it’s a small world, after all?

battles were fought, countless lives were lost
still, they neglected to count the cost
fighting wars uncontained
until no one remained

it’s a small, small world


Photo Credit: ignorance | ignorance | Z S | Flickr

The Beggar

Blog_Beggarat first glance he’s just a beggar…

a blur in the background
of my immutable schedule

an unwelcome disruption
to my carefully laid plans

his greedy hands reaching out
for my hard-earned wealth

of my well-deserved luxuries

unequal to the value
of my precious time

but when i take a closer look,
i see a mirror reflection

helpless eyes that could be mine
if hope had escaped my grasp

desperate hands that would reach out
if opportunity had eluded me

hardships i would bear
if fate had dealt me another hand

he is no beggar
he is a reminder of what can be lost

he is a messenger
of what has been forgotten

he is a friend
inviting me to find my humanity


Source: More than a Neighbor

Photo Credit:BEGGAR  | Street Photography © 2014 www.r… | | by richardovertoom